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IH, Hampshire UK

"I was recently diagnosed with a respiratory virus. I had problems with breathing, pain across my shoulders and down my left arm and leg and a numbness in my left foot, likely due to blood clotting problems. Fiona prescribed two remedies initially that helped my breathing, but the numbness in my leg and foot was an ongoing and very unpleasant symptom. I was unable to sit without having my leg elevated and my foot would rapidly turn blue. She prescribed a further remedy to help circulation of the blood and this worked really well. I have only a small residual numbness in my foot and the bloated and swollen feeling in the lower leg and deadness of the foot when resting has for the most part dissipated. Fiona is a very pleasant and competent practitioner, who works hard at gathering information on your symptoms until she gets to the root of the problem."

JL, West Sussex.

"My baby's eczema was cured with Homeopathy. It started as a bad nappy rash. Ointments from the Drs (antibiotic) didn't work and after using them it progressed quickly from nappy rash to all over body eczema. She then started with a chest infection. I was desperate so decided to try Homeopathy. Fiona gave me 3 small pills for my baby to take. AfTer a week there was no change to the eczema but she was less anxious and wasn't scratching at her skin. I thought probably just coincidence as the eczema was still red and fiery. Then over the next 3 weeks the eczema just slowly disappeared. I couldn't quite believe it. I nearly didn't take her to the next appointment as I thought no need. I will definitely be using Homeopathy again."

Maeve, Billingshurst

"I had a really large foot wart for 5 years that was painful. I'd tried everything- various gels from the chemist including Wartner. I'd also tried Thuja that I bought online. Nothing work so I Emailed Fiona. I was given a new remedy weekly and I was to put the pills in a bottle of water and to take a capful. After a month of taking the remedy nothing had changed and I thought this is a load of rubbish. But I carried on for another month. Then one day I look at my foot and a big chunk of the wart had dropped off. Over the next week it went completely with healthy skin underneath. I was really pleased."

Lucy, Blackburn Melbourne June 2019

"My 6 year old had Molluscum for 6 months. I Emailed Fiona who took some details and suggested Silica. Two weeks later the spots looked much better and shortly after they slowly went. My daughter had been itching and scratching for months and they were spreading. I knew Fiona from when she lived in Melbourne. She had helped me with a few issues mainly anxiety and my digestion."

‚ÄčNarelle W, Australia Apr 2019

" I'm in Australia and I met Fiona quite a few years ago when her children were at the same school to mine. I've suffered from pretty serious anxiety ever since I was a teenager. I decided to try homeopathy in my 40's to see if it could help with this anxiety. I felt quite a shift after the very first remedy I was given which was called Arsenicum and this was repeated a few times over the years together with a few others. My anxiety is now hugely better and much more manageable After a break in treatment I recently contacted Fiona again for advice- by Email this time as she is in the UK now. Fiona has always been easy to talk to and she's a good listener. I couldn't have coped without the homeopathic remedies over the years."


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