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Hay Fever. hayfever


Hay fever is the cause of seasonal misery for millions of people all over the world. Hay fever is an allergy affecting the nose and eyes; its cause is a weakened immune system. It can be stubborn to treat because a permanent cure involves raising the quality of the immune system. A qualified Homeopath can do this with constitutional treatment; however often it can take several seasons to be rid of the problem completely.

Here are just a few remedies which may help to lessen symptoms. The remedy must fit your characteristic symptoms. For more permanent relief, treatment with a qualified Homeopath is recommended.

Allium Cepa
This remedy is made from red onion and most of us will have experienced its symptoms. Runny dripping nose with burning discharge, watery eyes (bland secretions). The eyes are sensitive to light, often red and irritated. The nose can be red and sore. There can be violent sneezing. You will be better off for cool air, worse in a warm room.

This is very useful if eyes are your main problem. With this remedy the tears burn (unlike Allium Cepa) and the secretions from the nose are bland. You might blink and rub your eyes a lot. Again you feel better outdoors.

This remedy can help with violent sneezing and itching and tickling in the nose. One nostril might be blocked and the other is dripping. Your eyes will also water and burn. Your symptoms will be worse for cold air and you might be better from eating warm food and drinks.

Arsenicum Album
This remedy is indicated where you have frequent sneezing and a blocked nose with watery discharge. The symptoms are worse outside and you prefer staying inside and keeping warm. The eyes can be inflamed with burning and swelling. The right side is worse than the left and symptoms are worse in the night on lying down. You will feel anxious and restless and find it hard to get warm.

Your hay fever begins with burning and itching of the palate and conjunctiva. Annoying itching of the roof of the mouth and in the nostrils. There may be clear discharge from the nose which might turn green and lots of sneezing.

Intolerable itching felt on the roof of the mouth and behind the nose, sometimes going into the throat and ears. Your throat may feel swollen, constantly swallowing. Your head feels dry but your nose might be runny.

Also recommended to compliment any remedies is a combination of Vitamin C, B6 and Zinc which can help to reduce histamine which causes an inflammatory response.

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