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Aching Joints. Rain

Aching Joints

I wonder how many people get up in the morning with joint problems and feeling very stiff and sore? Quite literally shuffling about until they have warmed and limbered up a bit? These symptoms are not helped by our chilly and damp climate at certain times of the year. A number of people have told me that they need a warm shower before they can even put the kettle on. Otherwise they can hardly move!

So let's take a very brief look at just a few remedies which cover joint complaints which are worse for cold, damp and changeable weather- exactly what we are experiencing in the UK currently. There are many Homeopathic remedies which are worse for cold, damp weather (well over 50) in their symptom picture. For example:

Dulcamara: is particularly useful for problems that are worse for cold and damp; so worse in rainy weather. It is also one of the main remedies for complaints due to changeable weather especially when you have warm days and cold nights at the start of Autumn. So a joint problem which comes on in damp and cold weather and is worse for change of weather especially from every cold change. Your aches and pains are somewhat relieved by moving about and perhaps a warm application such as from a hot water bottle. Rheumatism may alternate with diarrhoea. Feet might be icy cold and you may also feel worse at night.

Rhus Tox: pain and stiffness is the main indication for this remedy. This occurs after resting as the person gets up in the morning or even gets up from a chair. It is worse when you first move but better for continued movement but if you overdo it the pain will be back. The pain is better for heat, perhaps from a warm bath or hot water bottle. It is worse for cold, damp weather and at night time when you might also be very restless.

Bryonia: pain in muscles and joints which gets worse on moving so the person wants to keep the part affected perfectly still. They may hold the painful side/joint tightly. They may feel quite irritable and don't want company. They feel better for lying on the painful side.

Rhododendron: is useful in persons who are worse in a thunderstorm. They are nervous persons who dread a storm and are particularly afraid of thunder. Acute inflammatory swelling of joints, wandering from one joint to another; severe at night; worse from rest and during rough stormy weather. The rheumatic drawing, tearing pains in all the limbs are also worse at rest and in wet, cold windy weather.

Ran- b: is useful for joint conditions and rheumatism which are also worse cold, damp weather and changes of weather. Stiff joints, worse for motion (esp arms), touch, outside and for drafts. Wet and stormy weather and also alcohol.

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