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Eczema and respiratory infection in a 6 month old

Mum brought a 6 month old baby girl for treatment who was covered in eczema and had the remains of a chest infection. Her problems all started about 6 weeks previously when she developed a red sore nappy rash and his mum had tried to resolve it by applying OTC cream after every change. The problem didn't go away and started to spread and look more sore. On visiting the GP an antibacterial cream was given. The nappy rash became worse after applying. Another trip to the GP and an antifungal cream was prescribed. The nappy rash again became worse and then suddenly red, dry, itchy eczema started to appear on her torso and arms and legs.

About a week later the baby developed a chest infection and was admitted to hospital as a precaution due to difficult breathing, coughing and distress. After one night mum and baby left hospital and it was then that mum decided to try Homeopathy.

This baby was a bit skinny and underweight with a slightly distended abdomen and mum said she couldn’t tolerate milk and sometimes vomited it up after drinking. The baby had fine hair and clear skin. Mum said that the baby was usually fairly quiet but had become changeable, angry and irritable since the problem began and she thought that the eczema was troublesome as she was scratching it a lot. I briefly thought of the remedy Silica which has some of the general symptoms.

However, I didn’t prescribe this remedy because a few other things stood out. The first symptom to appear was the red fiery nappy rash and since interventions the rash had gone downhill and new symptoms appeared. The creams seemed to have made the problem worse; most likely suppressing and driving the imbalance inwards resulting in the new symptoms. So the nappy rash was a symptom that must be covered by the remedy. There had also been a change in mood to more changeable and angry. This should also be taken into account because this demonstrates his individual response to the imbalance. Mum also confirmed that baby slept on their front in the knee chest position. There are a number of remedies that cover nappy rash including "Med" which has in its picture “ fiery red nappy rash in babies”. People benefiting from this remedy can also be changeable with a temper and some do sleep on their front as they feel better in this position. They can be worse for damp and cold and it was Autumn when all problems began. So this remedy in a 30c potency was given, just 3 pills over 3 days, with a review 4 weeks later.

Mum reported that during the first week nothing changed with the eczema, however, the baby started to breathe better and the remains of the chest infection and coughing cleared by the end of this first week. Whilst the skin didn’t change, the baby was calmer and less angry and the skin seemed less troublesome in that she had stopped scratching it. Over the course of the next 3 weeks the eczema slowly started to reduce and disappear, starting first from the torso and eventually from the limbs. Mum couldn’t believe it. At the follow up it was suggested that mum watches and waits rather than repeat the remedy and slowly over a few weeks all eczema and rash disappeared.

Often cases require more time and and more than just one remedy, however for this baby clearly the remedy was a very close match and only this remedy was needed to result in cure. This case demonstrates how effective and gentle homeopathy is when the most similar remedy is prescribed.

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