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Many people are very fearful of visiting the dentist and say they hate going. Perhaps it’s the antiseptic smell as soon as you enter the waiting room or is it the piercing sound of the dental drill? However, things have really moved on and the whole experience of visiting the dentist has changed a lot in recent years and I myself am much less nervous of visiting than I was in the past. I have very clear memories of some pretty uncomfortable dental procedures as a child growing up in Yorkshire. Now I can ask to be painlessly numbed so that I don’t feel the injection to numb my gums before a procedure!

I am pleased to say that Homeopathic remedies can be very supportive to the dental patient. Below are some examples of just a few of the remedies which can help. Remember that the remedy must fit the characteristic symptoms that you are experiencing. Also, if your symptoms are chronic or you obtain no relief, treatment with a qualified Homeopath is recommended:


This is a well used remedy for fear of the dentist. Try a dose of Gelsemium 30c the morning of your visit. Keynotes to look out for are great trembling and weakness with fear. Quite literally trembling knees. Stammering, diarrhea from fear, cold feet. You maybe thirstless. Sleeplessness due to the anticipation.


This is another remedy for fear. Keynotes are a sudden fear, panic attacks before or during your dental visit, panic from racing heartbeat, fear of suffocation, frightened expression. Rapid pulse.


This remedy is useful for soft tissue trauma and pain e.g. after a filling or extraction. The pain will have a bruised, sore feeling, worse from being touched and worse from chewing. The treatment may have resulted in “black and blue” marks. Consider taking routinely after a tooth filling if the symptoms fit.


This is also useful for pain where the pain is a drawing, electrical, nerve pain. Worse at night and when you move.

Nux Vomica

This remedy is another valuable pain remedy where the pain is worse: at night and especially around 3-4am; from cold drinks; after eating; moving about. Nausea after anesthesia. Better for warmth.


This is very useful for wound healing. So consider this remedy if you have a laceration e.g. of the gums from a rubber dam clamp, or post extraction wounds or after gum surgery or deep cleaning and especially if you are a slow healer. Also consider the remedy Phosphorus after surgery if you are an easy bleeder (it helps prevent bleeding). Keynotes of this remedy are that you are extrovert, expressive, emotionally sensitive. Gums may bleed easily, bright red blood after extraction, blood tinged saliva.


This is a good remedy if you are oversensitive to pain. You fear pain in general and faint and scream at the thought. Very good for children and nervous patients. The pain is pulsating, jerking and worse from: cold; a draft; drinking hot drinks; pressure; and chewing.

Merc. sol or Merc. viv

This remedy may be helpful for drawing, pressing, tearing pain and pain worse at night, from cold air, in bed and for eating. It can be good for abscess of the roots of the teeth with excessive saliva and swelling of the face. Other keynotes of this remedy are: gums which bleed easily and are sore; ulcers on the mouth, gums or tongue; loose teeth. You might be introverted.

For abscesses also consider Hepar Sulph which can encourage drainage if the symptoms fit. Keynotes include mouth and tooth pain, pus, facial swelling. You are very sensitive to touch and cold (even just one part of you becoming uncovered), intolerant of drafts, generally oversensitive and very irritable. You feel better for warmth. Stitching or splinter-like pains. You may also fear the dentist.

For Sepsis and also abscesses also consider Pyrogenium . Symptoms maybe fever, restless, talkative. Flu- like symptoms. Offensive taste and odour from your mouth. Inflamed Lymph Nodes. Disparity between pulse rate and temperature. e.g. moderate fever, high pulse.

Silica maybe useful where a root canal won’t heal. It can also be helpful in wisdom tooth eruption, a low grade chronic abscess that won’t heal and also with gum infections. As always, ensure that the remedy fits your characteristic symptoms. So, you may be a chilly person, worse for cold and drafts. With this remedy people are often mild and lacking in self confidence. Conscientious over small details. You may have sour perspiration especially on the scalp during sleep. Poor resistance and hence frequent infections. Splinter sensations/pain.

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